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Our graduates from our Diploma in Aviation course end up all over the world flying in different areas all gaining invaluable experience.

Jeremy was lucky to grow up around aviation so it is no wonder he decided to later study the Diploma in Aviation. Both of his parents worked as air traffic controllers which meant he was exposed to a range of different aircraft from a young age. “I’ve always loved anything to do with aviation, I was always going to do something along that line, however, helicopters were always the main attraction for me”.

Pursuing a career as a helicopter pilot was made possible with the ability to apply for an interest-free student, eligible with the Diploma program. Securing this funding, Jeremy enrolled in the Diploma in Aviation and transferred to Wanaka Helicopters in 2015 after starting training with another training school, “I had heard about Wanaka helicopters level of training before and I was instantly very keen to finish my training there”.

Jeremy most enjoyed sling load flying “Sling was a highlight of my training, the best part of Wanaka Helicopters training is the emphasis on practical training I believe that makes you very employable because it means you can arrive at your first job ready to work”. After successfully completing the Diploma of Aviation in December 2015, Jeremy moved back to Christchurch for a short time.

Jeremy heard through Wanaka Helicopters industry networks about a job opening in Australia, within a week he was on a plane heading for a working trial. A successful work trial culminated in a job offer to being his piloting career flying Robinson 44 helicopters. After six months he was offered a rating to fly H130 helicopters. Jeremy has steadily built his flight time to over 500 hours in the last year and a half.

“The thing I love most about flying is that you are in an ever-changing office, whether it is where you are flying on any given day or the weather conditions you are flying in”.

Jeremy’s dream is to eventually work back in the South Island of New Zealand flying passengers in and around the spectacular Southern Alps.

Learn more about our Diploma in Aviation course here.

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