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Are you interested in training to get your private or commercial helicopter license, but you want to know how much it may potentially cost you to train? 

Below we have broken down an estimate of how much it will cost you for both our private helicopter license and getting your commercial helicopter pilot license here at Wanaka Helicopters Flight Training. Please note that these costs are an estimate and it will depend on where and when you are training. If you are interested in starting or completing your training, the best idea is to get in touch with one of our team for confirmation of costs.

Private Pilot License
A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) minimum cost is approximately $32,000 and a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) minimum cost is $92,000. This is based on the absolute minimum hours flown but additional costs will be incurred, including living costs, medical fees, exam fees, flight test fees etc. An allowance of an extra 10-15% should be made for these additional costs mentioned.

Diploma in Aviation
The Diploma of Aviation Costs for our Diploma of Aviation candidates with fewer than 60 post-secondary academic credits may be eligible for the provider-based Fees-Free programme. Visit or talk to us to see if you are eligible. Individual course costs are fixed each year, but any annual increases are limited to 2% or less. As an example for domestic students (NZ/Aus) the cost of the course in 2025 will be approximately $120,000. The international student cost is $141,000. Domestic aeroplane students can expect tuition costs of $92,000 and international students $111,000. Any shortfall from StudyLink student loans needs to be deposited as your ‘personal contribution’ to your study. A second-year student loan depends upon satisfactory academic and flight progress in year one. All funds are deposited into a Public Fee-Protect Trust fund account for your protection.

For our Diploma in Aviation students there are scholarships available each year so it is worth enquiring if you are eligible for these. 

You can read more on the specific costs involved and what funding and scholarship options there are available for studying for a Diploma in Aviation (Helicopter) here. We also encourage each of our candidates to explore funding opportunities in their own communities for other assistance. 

Here at Wanaka Helicopters we take a transparent start-to-finish approach to aviation training costs. We aim to remove worries and most of the ‘incidental’ costs during training. We want to help to enable and build the industry’s next generation of scenic, commercial, agriculture and rescue pilots. 

You can download our Prospectus here which outlines our training options and estimates of the associated costs. If you are interested in learning more and discussing your training options with us then please fill out our enquiry form here.