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Agricultural Services

A trusted, hassle-free, and affordable full-service solution that simplifies your agricultural needs.

At Wanaka Helicopters, we provide a range of affordable agricultural services in the Wanaka, Queenstown Southern Lakes, and Lower South Island Rural Regions.

Our diverse fleet and certified equipment ensure a cost-effective solution for your agricultural needs.

Enjoy the convenience of one-stop access to all your aerial application requirements with our comprehensive Commercial and Agricultural offerings.

We are dedicated to providing a straightforward and efficient service for all our clients.

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Why Wanaka Helicopters for your Agricultural Needs?

Cost-efficient application through the use of our varied, certified fleet & equipment.

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A knowledgeable & experienced Ag team who can add value & simplify your operations.


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Aerial Agricultural Services


Wanaka Helicopters accomodate all boom spraying requirements from double overlap technique high water volume spraying on brushweeds to lower volume single pass spraying of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth promotants and liquid fertilisers. 

We have a wide range of nozzles selection to fulfil any requirements and the latest GPS technology provides accuracy and proof of placement. Spraying from the air allows farmers to reach steeper terrain when ground conditions do not favour other application methods with the added bonus of no wheel marks.


Spreading fertiliser by air allows farmers to access steeper country that wouldn’t usually be possible and reduces the affects on the land that other application methods normally have, like compaction and impact on other pastures or crops. We are able to effectively spread large areas in a short amount of time, no matter what the ground conditions are like.

Our fertiliser buckets are modern and offer a large variety of application rates and our varied fleet means that we can provide you with a cost effective solution for your specific needs. We use the latest GPS technology which provides accuracy and proof of placement – every time.


Aerial seeding offers farmers an efficient and cost-effective way to seed their paddocks, again reducing the impact on the land and surrounding pastures. We can seed areas at any rate required from legumes, herbs, grasses, cereals or larger type seed. We can also add fertiliser and slug bait when required.


Our specialist pilots are highly experienced in undertaking pest control and live animal capture. We provide pest control through various methods including bait application and aerial shooting dependent on the needs of our customers.


We provide sheep, cattle and deer mustering for many local farmers in the lower South region. Our trained & experienced pilots have a high degree of specific flight experience for mustering to ensure the job is completed to the highest level and safety standards are met.


With the harsh winter conditions in our region, we are on hand to help to mobilise back-country farm workers when the weather catches you out or we can take feed to stranded animals


Wanaka Helicopters can be ready at a moments notice to undertake fire suppression operations. We have a monsoon bucket together with fire retardant chemical dispensing unit at the ready for call outs. During the summer months we are on standby for aerial firefighting duties


Wanaka Helicopters can undertake wilding pine control in the lower South Island Region. Wand spraying trees is an effective way to control this invasive pest through aerial basal bark appplication. If the wilding area is dense it may be more economical to spray as total foliar application. Assistance can also be provided moving crews with hand equipment for control.


Frost protection work and cherry drying are very important at certain times of the year predominantly Autumn and Spring. Frost protection involves hovering over a vineyard or orchard moving slowly over the area to force the warm air from above down onto the trees or vines to raise the temperature above a critical level to prevent extensive damage to the crop.


We can provide aerial crane services to remote locations. The varied heavy lifting work we can help with includes, loading, lifting huts, concrete, construction or fencing materials. We can also assist with the assembly and maintenance of towers and small to large construction projects. If you have any heavy lifting or construction requirements then get in touch.

Contact us today for a hassle-free estimate or to chat to one of our team about your aerial agricultural needs at 027 221 1077.