Our Helicopter Fleet - Wanaka Helicopters


Wanaka Helicopters operates an extensive and modern fleet of piston and turbine engined helicopters.

Our fleet comprises of:

  • Robinson R22 is an American manufactured, 2 seat helicopter, primarily used for flight training

  • Guimbal Cabri G2 is a French manufactured, 2 seat helicopter which is a new type on the market and is also primarily used for flight training

  • Robinson R44 is the larger 4 seat version of the R22 and is used on commercial, scenic and flight training operations

  • Airbus AS350, commonly known as the Squirrel, is also made in France and is a 7 seat, jet turbine engined helicopter, used mainly for commercial and scenic operations

Our fleet are all new or near new, are maintained to the highest industry standards and always kept in top tidy condition.  All helicopters are equipped with late model noise cancelling headsets to ensure communication between passengers and pilots,  instructors and student pilots is always clear, crisp and comfortable.

Several other types of helicopters are available to meet other specific training requirements, such as type ratings and familiarisations from time to time.