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Our Flying team

Simon spencer-bower wanaka helicopters

Simon Spencer-Bower

Simon guides the Wanaka Helicopters team and provides support and advice for all students. Simon is an A category Flight Instructor, a General Aviation Flight Examiner, and having been in the aviation industry for nearly 50 years, is highly experienced in all aspects of helicopter operations and commercial work.

Pete Spencer-Bower Wanaka Helicopters

Pete Spencer-Bower

Pete is the Director, CEO and pilot here at Wanaka Helicopters. He is an experienced commercial pilot having flown firefighting operations in Canada and across NZ. Pete flies commercially and instructs on several helicopter types. Pete is also a B category Flight Instructor.

chris spencer bower wanaka helicopters pilot

Chris Spencer-Bower

Chris heads up the training side of the business here at Wanaka Helicopters with Brian our Academic Coordinator. He flies commercially and instructs on several helicopter types. Chris specialises in advanced training and provides guidance in all flight aspects to students, leading several theory courses. He is also a B category Flight Instructor.

Dean 2022 Pilot Profile Pic

Dean Williamson

Dean has flown in many environments and countries and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the business. Dean is a senior B category Flight Instructor and also flies scenic and commercial operations.

nick miller wanaka helicopters pilot

Nick Millar

Nick is an experienced transport and agricultural pilot having worked extensively through the Otago, Fiordland and Southland areas for over twenty years. He is also a senior B category Flight Instructor and Airline Flight Examiner.

Mike Prosser Wanaka Helicopters Ag Pilot

Mike Prosser

As our chief pilot here at Wanaka Helicopters, Mike heads up our Agricultural services. An experienced agricultural and commercial pilot Mike has had years of experience, previously owning his own successful agricultural business in South Canterbury servicing the lower South Island.

jason lush wanaka helicopters

Jason Lush

Jason began his flying career in the RNZAF, spending 15 years in uniform before coming across to the commercial helicopter world.  Having spent time flying commercial and scenic operations on the West Coast, Jason is a B Category Flight Instructor and Safety Manager for Wanaka Helicopters.

Img 0442

Greg KeIly

After spending 6 years in the NZ Army as a mechanic, Greg completed his commercial training in the UK. He has had extensive experience throughout his career working as an air ambulance pilot, in the mines, scenic flights, surveying and working for the National Police Air Services. He has his B Category instructor rating and is highly experienced in all aspects of commercial operations.

Henry Menzies Wanaka Helicopters

Henry Menzies

As our lead pilot at Backcountry Helicopters, Henry also supports the Wanaka Helicopters team across a range of scenic and commercial operations. Henry is an experienced pilot who has worked throughout New Zealand and Australia throughout his career across a range of commercial activities. Henry is a C Category flight instructor.

Travis Chambers Wanaka Helicopters

Travis Chambers

Travis is an experienced pilot and licensed engineer who has worked across New Zealand as a commercial pilot and instructor. Prior to his training, Travis was in the NZ Airforce and his career since has seen him work throughout New Zealand in a range of commercial operations and instructing roles. Travis holds a C category flight instructor rating.


Brian Paavo

Brian is Wanaka Helicopters Academic Coordinator, looking after all of our Diploma students and bringing on board most new private trainees.  In addition to programme applications, enrolment, scheduling, and student finance assistance, Brian leads several theory courses and oversees WHL’s responsibilities as a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International (and Domestic) students.