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Aiming for an aviation career? Join NZ’s most experienced helicopter flight school for a Diploma in Aviation. 

Pack your CV with skills for pilot opportunities in search and rescue, sling operations, tourism, agriculture, mustering, flight instruction, surveying, and charter flights. Build your mountain experience amongst the spectacular Southern Alps!

Applications are open for our 2022 Diploma in Aviation intake… we have limited spaces next year so get in quick! 

Our Mission: Provide superior flight instruction and mentorship to produce a pilot who is skilled, mature, makes good decisions and is dedicated to a successful aviation career.  Maintain our position as a national leader in rotary flight training through practice and promotion of professional flight safety standards. Ensure the high value of our trainee pilots to future employers through a culture of professional and progressive conduct. 

Our Diploma in Aviation consists of 8 core aviation theory courses, 8 safety and operations management courses, 4 courses to cover new commercial compliance requirements, and 13 flight courses. These courses include the CAA requirements for private and commercial pilot licences, but go above and beyond them.

Wanaka Helicopters takes a transparent, start-to-finish approach to aviation training costs. We aim to remove worries of most of the ‘incidental’ costs during training. Aviation is always a team effort and to help build the industry’s next generation of scenic, commercial, agriculture, and rescue pilots we are pleased to help trainees through our own scholarship programme.

In 2022 Wanaka Helicopters is able to offer one $10,000 scholarships to New Zealand Māori or Pasifika heritage and one $5,000 scholarship for female candidates. We also encourage Upper Clutha residents to apply for the Allen Hogan Scholarship. Each candidate should actively explore their communities for other assistance opportunities. 

NZQA-accredited Level 5 Diploma in Aviation (Helicopter):

–  Student loan funding is available

–  FeesFree eligible students receive $12,000 credit

–  Train in Robinson Guimbal Cabri, R22 and R44 helicopters

–  Graduates complete Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLH)

–  Requires two years of full-time study in Wanaka

–  Scholarship opportunities for NZ Māori or Pasifika heritage, female and Upper Clutha applicants

–  Train in and around the day-to-day operations of one of New Zealand’s largest helicopter businesses

–  Gain valuable mountain flying skills sought after around the world

–  You will fly regularly with highly experienced and knowledgeable flight instructors

FeesFree 2021 what it can mean for you… $12,000 toward the Diploma in Aviation for eligible students in the first year of study. Go to enter your National Student Number (NSN) to see if you are eligible.

If you dream of flying, get in touch now to join NZ’s most experienced flight school.

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