Welcoming Back International Training Students - Wanaka Helicopters

Welcoming back International Students here at Wanaka Helicopters.

We are so excited that borders are now open and we can start welcoming back international students to train with us here at Wanaka Helicopters. We pride ourselves on being a national leader in Rotary training and our international students play an integral part of our training environment here.

So far, we have seen a positive number of enquiries from international students who are keen to start, progress or complete their private or commercial training or advance their training. We have been welcoming back overseas license conversions once again and have had enquiries from international students on our type ratings and endorsement training which is positive to see. We have also started to receive enquiries from international students about our Diploma in Aviation for 2023.

We are lucky to be situated in a unique place here within the mountains in Wanaka and our unique training environment is one of the deciding factors when our students are choosing a training school. Trainees can often combine their passion of the outdoors and adventure with their training, which is another key benefit for when they are visiting the area or are here short term while they train with us.

We are now excited to be once again welcoming everyone here at Wanaka Helicopters! If you have any questions about training or travel requirements or would like to enquire about any of our flight training options then please just reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.

Welcome back!


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