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We are back in full operation from Level 2!

Our team are excited to get back to business and take to the skies again!

Wanaka Helicopters Limited is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all staff, students, contractors and customers. Please see our expectations below to maintain effective procedures to minimise the risk and spread of COVID-19. 

  • All persons entering any of the facilities will be required to use hand sanitiser before entering.
  • All persons entering any of the facilities will be required to sign in on arrival and sign out on departure, to facilitate contact tracing. This will be done in the main office by either FOB swipe card or by the front desk register.
  • Each room is to be sanitised following any meeting, including classrooms. Students and staff are to be involved with sanitising communal areas. Staff members who have individual offices will be responsible for ensuring these are sanitised regularly.
  • Admin staff are responsible for cleaning door handles, printers, toilets, kitchen and communal areas in accordance with safe procedures on a frequent basis (every 4 hours).
  • Any persons with a pre-existing respiratory illness, or those considered vulnerable will be advised to consider not being on site.
  • All persons to maintain social distancing and wash hands regularly.

It is the expectation that all staff, students, contractors and customers follow all government requirements. If you are feeling unwell, please do not come to Wanaka Helicopters facilities.

We look forward to welcoming our trainees, customers and clients back over the next few weeks!

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