responsible tourism

Responsible Tourism and Safety

Wanaka Helicopters is committed to putting your comfort and safety first. We strive to make every experience we provide an enjoyable and positive one. We understand the importance of flying smoothly and safely and the comfort and enjoyment this brings to our customers.

Our licence with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) part 135 operators ensures we adhere to strict operating procedures for each helicopter we use. We are dedicated to ensuring excellence in machine maintenance, safety planning and recurrent pilot training to ensure all tasks are performed to an exceptional quality.

Wanaka Helicopters works with the Department of Conservation to provide the best experience of our national parks with minimum environmental impact. We aim to reduce noise pollution when choosing flight paths and monitor engine warm up and operating times to enhance fuel efficiency. We advocate a ‘take only photographs and leave only footprints’ policy making sure what we pack in, we pack out.

Our pilots are highly skilled and trained to read weather conditions and understand our mountain environment. At Wanaka Helicopters we act on the side of caution and if weather is looking unsuitable or unpredictable and safety is an issue we will look to another option or reschedule your flight. The call to fly is up to the Pilot in Command and their specialist opinion is final in this matter.

Wanaka Helicopters is a Qualmark Gold ‘Endorsed Visitor Activity’. Qualmark is New Zealand tourism’s official quality assurance organisation. A Qualmark endorsement is the seal of approval and signifies that with us your experience is one of the most high-quality experiences New Zealand has to offer. Only those businesses that are delivering a quality sustainable experience, who have safe principles and practices, and showcase true New Zealand hospitality, are recognised through a Qualmark endorsement.

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