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We specialise in advanced helicopter flight training and continued training. We have developed NZ’s top Advanced Helicopter Mountain Flying Course and offer highly sought after specialist practical experience. Take a look below at our continued training options and get in touch with our instructor team with any questions that you may have.


Advanced helicopter flight training amongst the Southern Alps, Mount Aspiring and Mount Cook National Parks. Wanaka Helicopters are the NZ specialists in mountain flying training. Our instructors operate flight training and commercial operations in the mountains on a daily basis.

Both our PPL(H) and CPL(H) programmes include mountain flying components but we also offer our certified advanced flying instruction which provides trained pilots with the skills and knowledge to conduct flight operations in extreme mountain conditions. This is a non-compulsory course that can be taken at the end of a student’s CPL or is available to existing CPL’s looking for more experience.

The Advanced Mountain Flying course is a NZCAA approved course and can be undertaken in addition to the mountain training received within the Private and Commercial licence.

This course is designed to teach advanced aspects of mountain flying, including but not limited to procedures, assessments and illusions associated with snow, high altitudes, mountain wind conditions, limited power and low level operations in variable horizon environments and conditions.

The full course is 10 hours of flying and associated theory but mountain hour building can be reduced or increased to suit individual requirements.

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